Rancho Bellas Rocas located in Carta Valley, Texas sits on the southwestern edge of the Edwards Plateau. It is located 39 miles southwest of Rocksprings and 35 miles northeast of Del Rio, Texas on Highway 377. The ranch entrance is directly off Highway 377 with the lodge a smooth one mile drive from gate. Rancho Bellas Rocas is a three hour drive from the San Antonio Airport and a 30 minute drive from Del Rio International Airport service by Continental Connection.

There is also a private airstrip located on the ranch that can be utilized by our guests. Over 95% of the ranch is high fenced and houses 22 Ranch King Blinds, 24 Outback corn feeders, as well as 24 Outback protein feeders. Rancho Bellas Rocas employs a full time staff including a Ranch Manager, ranch hands, a cook/cleaning staff to maintain the property and tend to the wildlife year round.